Medical Representative Training Course

We provide MR Training course (Course duration is 48 Hrs.)to help trainees with the passion to become expert MR. This course caters to both beginners as well as individuals who are already in the trade but need to upgrade their knowledge or get a certification.

The course content covers as follows:

Important Organs of Human Body and their functions (18 Hrs)

  • Heart & Cardiovascular System
  • Kidney, Nephron & Urinary System
  • Lung and Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Nervous System

Pathogens (6 Hrs)

  • Classification of Bacteria
  • Pathogenesis
  • Introduction to Virology

Class of Antibiotics and their coverage (6 Hrs) Medico-Marketing and Job Responsibility of a MR (6 Hrs)

  • Art of Promotion
  • Presentation Skill
  • Handling Scientific Documents
  • Chemist Auditing

Marketing Practice and Presentation Workshop (9 hrs)
Mock Interview Workshop. (3 hrs)

SI. Course Registration Duration Reg. Fees (A) Tuition Fees (B) Total Fees (A+B)
1 Medical Representative Training Course Open 48 Hrs. 1000 15000 16000

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